It’s Christmas season once again, and people are looking for convenient ways to give thoughtful presents. I’ve always believed that items and services from social enterprises, startups, and mom-and-pop shops always offer a special touch. They’re usually more unique, and there are less chances of giving someone a gift that he or she already has.


One of my recent discoveries is Sweet Success, a Binondo-based bakeshop. And they have a beautiful story behind the brand:

Sweet Success is the vision of Zeny Tong, a mother of four children and full-time homemaker. Having a fondness for culinary and business, Zeny started her career in catering which she later on streamlined into baking.

She enrolled in culinary and pastry school, and took up entrepreneurial business classes as she realized the importance of following her dreams. With the passion and determination she has set forth to fulfill this dream, it was soon that Sweet Success was born.

Starting as a school project for one of Zeny’s daughters, Zeny started selling the pastries to students for a marketing project. Before long, the Sweet Success bakery opened at their Binondo home where full operation still is.

As Zeny’s family has continually supported her in running the business, Marjorie, her youngest daughter joined Sweet Success full time in 2010. Marjorie left her job as a hotel event planner and enrolled in pastry school.

Both Zeny and Marjorie are diligently working in the bakery, dedicating themselves to product development, looking for inspiration and creating new flavors. They are keeping the tradition of delighting kids and adults alike with the delectable treats of Sweet Success!

They were kind enough to send me three of their bestsellers: oatmeal raisin cookies, brownie bites, and chocolate meringue bars.


I was really touched by this gesture! I brought these sweet treats to school, and my classmates (and prof) munched on them. It was a three-hour class, which means snacks always help us stay focused and awake. Let me share with you some of the photos + our take on their bestsellers!

Brownie Bites

Small, rich, moist chocolate cake baked to perfection


This was our favorite among the three! It was the first to run out. I like how the brownie bites were moist and not too sweet. They were also in bite-sized pieces, so it was the perfect food for pika-pika.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

The healthy option to satisfy your sweet cravings

This oatmeal cookie was chewy and melted in your mouth. I liked the oatmeal raisin cookies’ chewiness.


Chocolate Meringue Bars

Delicious, three-layered bar cookie sprinkled with rich chocolate chips and topped with meringue


If you want to order from Sweet Success, you may want to choose from their bestsellers listed below.


Apart from these bestsellers, they also create customizable cakes and cupcakes. If you opt for their brownie bites, oatmeal raisin cookies, or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, you could have the mason jar customized.

Sweet Success also delivers, which saves you so much time lining up in malls or getting stuck in traffic!

Thanks again for this sweet treat, Sweet Success!


If you want to learn how to make pastries yourself, Sweet Success also offers workshops and courses. They post schedules of classes in their Facebook account, and they also reply to inquiries there.

Sweet Success
2B 960 G. Masangkay Street
Binondo, Manila 1006 Philippines
Tel. Nos. (02) 244-8790 or 95



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