Books and articles on Stoic philosophy: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic. Koji once shared this article on his Facebook page: Practicing The Subtle Art Of Detachment.

That’s what first got me interested in learning how to detach. There were things that happened during the last few weeks of 2017 that made me realize how much I have to work on detaching myself from things I can’t control.

The first few paragraphs of Practicing The Subtle Art Of Detachment spoke to me:

From everything that I recall about my life so far, I can say one thing with absolute certainty.

I have been an extremely passionate person.

Passionate about everything. Be it life in general, work, friendships, relationships. Bustling with energy, I have always liked to give my heart, my soul, my mind and my energy completely into things that matter to me.

I take the leap and I go all in like there is no middle spot.

And that always seemed to work for me. I was always on the high wave, getting things done, maintaining the happiest relationships and believing with certainty that I could achieve absolutely anything.

Until, I reached a day when the things that really mattered to me were at a point of collapse and I collapsed along with them.

I ‘collapsed’ over the holidays, and I was just lucky that we didn’t have school or work that time. Had it been a busy day at school or at work, I knew I wouldn’t have been able to function properly.

I’m trying to study how some people could have such a strong sense of mental clarity and fortitude–without losing a healthy dose of passion and love in my commitments and relationships.


To Canyon City. Canyon City is the best thing that I ever got out of Spotify. One of Canyon City’s songs landed on my Discover Weekly playlist, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I usually listen to music only in the background: while cleaning my apartment, doing the dishes, driving, or shopping. But there are some songs that make you stop what you’re doing, turn up the volume, and just listen. That’s what Canyon City does to me. Something about its music feels intimate and raw, like whispered conversations. If I could pick a soundtrack that would best personify the tiny, cozy apartment I just moved into, I’d pick Canyon City.


A long-form blog post about the way we consume news and stories online: on echo chambers, loss of focus, SJW’s, and the new Facebook algorithm.


Technically, I’m not watching this–but I will, eventually. I’m just mentioning this here, because people around me have been bringing this up lately. For some reason, it just keeps on popping up in random conversations! I saw this post last night on my Facebook News Feed:

The Real Woman Who Inspired Richard Linklater’s ‘Before Sunrise’

And it reminded me of people who decide to leave things to fate. Fate isn’t as kind as the movies pretend to be. If something means a lot to you, you exert every effort to make it work. You pursue it. We only have one shot at life. That’s mostly been my guiding principle in everything I’ve wanted to do. Fate isn’t kind or forgiving. I still believe that our choices will always matter more than our circumstances.


Better and calmer. I felt stuck and catatonic during the holidays, but things are much better now. And things are slowly making more and more sense.

I feel excited about the next batch of interns under WIM, excited about taking my masters in August. I’m excited about the content I’m working on for The Passion Project, and my plans for it in March. I’m excited about working out four times a week now instead of twice a week.


On LinkedIn more often! It seems like a better use of time than to mindlessly scroll on Facebook. (CEO’s of companies are surprisingly easy to reach on LinkedIn, too!)


My apartment! I’m lucky that H&M Home’s current color palette completely matches mine!

A post shared by H&M Home (@hm_home) on

A post shared by H&M Home (@hm_home) on

A post shared by H&M Home (@hm_home) on

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About this quote I saw on @GirlBoss’ Instagram.

If you really want something, go ahead–put all your eggs in one basket. Just make sure those eggs are golden.

I’m doing something risky in March, and I think the main reason why I think it’s risky is that I’m putting all my eggs in one basket–my time, my resources, a portion of my savings–everything. But I know with certainty that I want to give it a shot.



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