Unsubscribe by Jocelyn K. Glei, The Collective’s January issue, Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual. 
about the things I learned from Unsubscribe and how I intend to apply them.
to Clara Benin and The Ransom Collective on Spotify. (Why are their songs so soothing?!) And the Actionable Content Marketing podcast by CoSchedule. I love CoSchedule (even if I can’t afford it at the moment!) The podcast and all the posts in the CoSchedule website and social media accounts are helpful as I attempt to be more systematic with blogging and drafting editorial calendars.
Vlogs of Wil Dasovich, Janina Vela, Cora Waddell, just to name a few. I just made a YouTube channel last night, and I’m trying to learn from the examples of local and international YouTubers.
Of vlogging and blogging topics. I plan to blog regularly this year and to start posting YouTube videos on March. I have a giant pile of mind maps right now.
English Breakfast Tea! I’ve effectively substituted it to frappucinos. I used to be really obsessed with frappucinos for years now. It’s bad for my health and for my wallet. And there’s a Starbucks right outside our house! This is probably the longest that I’ve gone without drinking a frap.
To finish all my 2016 backlog this January. I wanted to finish them by December, but I spent my holidays with my family instead.
Pilates! Could you believe it?! A workout that I actually enjoy?! My best friend Gil might also join me soon. Because of our schedules, we weren’t able to see each other a lot in 2016, so we’re both trying to go on more activities together.
Clothes from Harlan + Holden. I got a blouse and a pair of culottes from them. Their clothes are beautiful! And I love the idea of uniform dressing and having a capsule wardrobe..
Discipline. I know what I have to do. I just need the willpower to to them.
Excited to work! is now open to its second batch of interns. ChinoyTV is launching something exciting this January. And I’m submitting an article to Inquirer on Wednesday. I’ve clearly been on a hiatus for way too long. I’m really, really excited to be back!
On the blogs of Kim Jones and Jamie Chung. Love their style and the layout of their blogs.



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