In the Uber app, go to TRIPS -> PAST. Select any of your previous trips.


Select “PWD/Student/Senior Citizen Discount.”


Send a photo of your student ID, PWD card, or Senior Citizen card.


After sending them a photo of my student ID, they sent me two emails:



My student ID doesn’t show my birth date, so I sent them a photo of my driver’s license and Form 5. (Form 5 is a that UP students get after they enroll for the semester. I used it as proof of my school registration.)


I didn’t get an email notification about my application for the 20% off. I just took an Uber ride and was just surprised that I already had 20% off!


1.) Students who are taking up law, medicine, and masters are not eligible for the student discount.

2.) Bring your student ID, PWD card, or Senior Citizen card with you when you take your Uber ride. Uber sends an automated text every time you book a ride. Most drivers didn’t ask me for my ID, but two Uber drivers did. Since you get 20% off, it’s only fair that you prove to them that you’re still a student and are eligible for the discount.

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