Last November 19, I experienced my first ever fashion dash, thanks to UP EcoSoc–the organization behind the ICONIC Bazaar and Fashion Dash.

iconic-up-ecosoc-36The organizers gathered the participants outside the booth and gave us some final reminders: we were allowed to fill up our ziplock with up to ten items of clothing in fifteen minutes.


Once we were given the go signal, we entered the booth and chose the items we wanted. I expected it to be chaotic and panicky, but people were generally calm–even me!


I think I was clam because I knew instinctively what clothes I wanted. I gravitated to plain tops that were colored brown, white, or grey–colors in line with my own wardrobe and blog colors.


They were all ribbed and thick, so I was able to fit only four items. I didn’t want to stuff my ziplock with things I wouldn’t use, so I didn’t mind.

These are the items I got.

I enjoyed my first ever fashion dash. It was a very different experience compared to how I usually shop. Thank you so much to the UP Economics Society for inviting me!



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